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Dr. Happe und Kollegen

Dr. Arndt Happe is frequently named on FOCUS magazine’s list of Germany’s best doctors as one of its leading implantologists. The 2017, 2018 and 2019 list also names him among „aestheitic odontologists“ as one of the most recommended of experts.

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Zahnarzt Münster, Dr. Happe & Kollegen


Attractive and healthy teeth play an important role in your feeling of well-being, your appearance, and your quality of life.

Through our expert knowledge, innovative treatment concepts and individualized care, we’d like to help you toward a radiant and healthy smile!

We combine our core competencies of aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, oral surgery, periodontics and endodontics (root canal treatment), offering you the full spectrum of state-of-the-art dental medicine.

We know that dental phrophylaxis is of the utmost importance to you, as it is to us, because it enables lifelong oral health. Keeping your own teeth long into old age is no longer a rare thing!

Discover our outstanding quality for yourself. We look forward to your visit.
Dr. Happe and Colleagues – Your Practice Team


With Dental implants you can have the secure feeling of naturally solid and beautiful teeth. Our practice offers a high level of surgical expertise in implant dentistry and experi-ence, gained through thousands of patients treated.

Smart Dental Concepts

The overall goal of our innovative concets is maintaining a consistently high level of professionalism and ensuring that every patient receives care that is precisely tailored to him or her.

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New Patients

Are you interested in visiting our practice? We look forward to meeting you! Use our new patient service with important information about us, and about your first appointment.

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Prophylaxis (Prevention)

Healthy teeth mean quality of life. The best way to perma-nently maintain your dental and oral health is by regular prophylaxis. The durability of dentures and implants is signif-icantly enhanced through a strategy of prevention.


We want you to be proud to show your teeth with your best smile. With our Aesthetic Analysis and Digital Smile Design we provide individualized, persuasive results.

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Beautiful teeth project vitality and contribute to self-confidence and a positive, winning charisma - in private, in public, and at work. Our practice offers a variety of ways to offset aesthetic limitations and to beautify your smile.

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Naturally we are delighted when our patients are happy, and when they express their satisfaction with positive feedback.

“The extensive treatment I received was a complete suc-cess both medically and aesthetically. My teeth are stable and strong, with no more need to take out dentures. I can laugh and eat carefree. Everything fits perfectly and looks absolutely natural and beautiful. Because I regularly go to aftercare and for oral hygiene, I have no problems. I feel much more secure now. It’s a whole new way of life!"

Implants and dental prosthetics

"I have had my implants from Dr. Happe since 2000 and re-joice every day over my sound teeth. They feel and look completely natural. From the consultation to the last phase of treatment, everything was expertly planned. I I take care to go regularly for oral hygiene (prophylaxis) and so I’ve had good results for over 20 years. I felt in good hands in the practice right from the start – exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much! "

Implants and dental prosthetics