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Dr. Happe und Kollegen
Smart Dental Concepts

Schützenstraße 2
48143 Münster

Telefon: 0251-45057 | 0251-4829616
Telefax: 0251-40271

Office hours

  • Montag8 am - 6 pm
  • Tuesday8 am - 6 pm
  • Wednesday8 am - 6 pm
  • Thursday8 am - 6 pm
  • Friday8 am - 6 pm

Zahnarzt Münster, Dr. Happe & Kollegen

Directions by car

On highway A1 – Take the exit to Münster Süd (via A 43)
A 43 – exit to Münster
The motorway ends on Weseler Straße. Drive straight ahead until you see the Aasee lake on your left. Then turn right onto Aegidiistraße, Schützenstraße is on the right-hand side. Schützenstraße is a one-way street.


It is advisable to continue on this road and turn off from the Aegidiistraße into the "Grüne Gasse". There you will find the Stadthotel, in whose underground car park you can park rel-atively cheaply. Alternatives include Aegidiiparkhaus (Aegidiimarkt 1-7), Parkhaus Münster Arkaden (Ludgeristraße 100), Parkhaus Stubengasse (Stubengasse 22), Parkhaus Engelenschanze (Engelstraße 49).

Coming by train

The practice is about a 10.minute walk from the Münster main railway station, which is located on the Bahnhofstr.

Coming by bus

The practice is located less than a five-minute’s walk from Ludgeriplatz, from which there is access to almost every bus line in the Münster area.

Mauritzhof Hotel Münster

Eisenbahnstrasse 17
48143 Münster

Telefon: 02 51 / 4 17 20


An der Germania Brauerei 5
48159 Münster

Telefon: 02 51 / 4 18 80

H4 Hotel Münster

Stubengasse 33
48143 Münster (sehr zentral in der Innenstadt, nahe der Praxis)

Telefon: 02 51 / 49 09 90

Stadthotel Münster

Aegidiistr. 21
48143 Münster (sehr zentral in der Innenstadt, nahe der Praxis)

Telefon: 02 51 / 4 81 20


We want you to feel well looked-after at our practice. To us, this also includes first-class service for making appoint-ments, treatment and for a pleasant stay while here.

In addition, we provide interesting extras on this website, such as dental emergency tips.

If after treatment, particularly a surgical treatment, you ex-perience any problems or if you have any questions, you can reach us directly, outside of our office hours! We will provide you with a special telephone number for this pur-pose.

Detailed: We strive to set standards in information and con-sultation, so we take a lot of time with you and talk in detail about our findings, treatment suggestions and possible al-ternatives.

Comprehensive: Your teeth should not be considered as somehow isolated from the rest of you, because they are re-lated to your jaw, your musculoskeletal system, your im-mune system, your cardiovascular system and your psyche. We take these interrelations very seriously into account.

If you wish, we can remind you of an appointment with us with our reminder system. This way, you won’t forget your check-ups and other important treatments. We can notify you by email, text message or by post.

Aftercare following treatment plays an important role in the long-term success of dental maintenance. For this purpose, we can add you into our reminder system.

Our cutting-edge patient service includes reliable appointment management. We use multi-appointment scheduling, which helps us plan your treatment as completely as possible with all necessary appointments made in advance.

Implants, crowns and bridges not only ensure good functioning of your teeth. They also contribute to an aesthetically positive appearance. We document more elaborate procedures photographically. You can get your own picture file on request.

Healthy teeth and good dentures should always be affordable. In cooperation with the Deutschen Zahnärztlichen Rechenzentrum (DZR) we offer you the possibility to pay invoices in installments.

When performing oral surgical procedures such as wisdom tooth removal, we provide you with useful tips for preparation and follow-up. In this way YOU can help the healing process and you’ll know what you can do if you should experience any discomfort when outside of our office hours.

For more intensive surgical procedures such as implantations, we offer you treatment under general anaesthesia. In addition, we have a team of anaesthetists specialised in outpatient anaesthesia. We have performed such procedures since 1999, with positive results.

For your child, we create a child prophylaxis „passport” and keep it for you so that you, and we, can keep track of all im-portant data regarding your children’s check-ups and proce-dures. We can also remind you of important examinations as part of our reminder services.