Smart Dental Technology
Smart Dental Technology
Smart Dental Technology

Smart Dental Technology

Close collaboration between dentist and dental technician is extremely important for the results of your dental prosthesis treatment - with regard to quality, individuality and natural aesthetics.

That’s why we have set up our own, fully equipped laboratory. It combines medical and dental state-of-the-art equipment with modern, high-quality furnishings. Rooms flooded with light provide a positive working atmosphere. The laboratory is centrally located in the city center of Münster - close to our practice.

Quality „Made in Münster“

All of our technicians have many years of experience in the fields of aesthetics, implantology and metal-free all-ceramics. Our laboratory encompasses all areas of fixed-dentures, from crowns and veneers to all-ceramic implant bridges. Also within the scope of our everyday work are minimally invasive procedures such as veneers, with and without grinding of teeth.

Hightech Meets Craftsmanship

We combine high-tech processes such as the digital production of components using CAD/CAM technology with tradi-tional craftsmanship - such as the layering of ceramics for high-precision and individualized design of very natural-looking dental prostheses.

Close Teamwork – That Includes You!

Close communication and collaboration between the entire team at Dr. Happe & Kollegen distinguish our work. You, the patient, always take center stage. You’re also invited to visit the laboratory to discuss your wishes and expectations with our dental technicians.

The Process

With all aesthetic treatments, our dental technicians are in-volved in the process right from the start:

Diagnosis, consultation and diagnostics

using models and photos

Aesthetic analysis

by means of portraits, photos and models

Wax-ups and Mock-ups

„trial teeth“ that can be tried on in your mouth

Devotion to meticulous production

that we put our hearts into


with technician and dentist present

Meticulous adhesive placement

of the all-ceramic restorations

The Processes Used in our Laboratory:

Milled zirconia

high-strength industrial ceramics for bridges and implant dentures

Pressable ceramics

high-strength ceramics pressed into a mold (precise and very strong)

Individually layered ceramics

on refractory dies - highly aesthetic, very thin for veneers

Do you have any questions? We will gladly supply the an-swers. Feel free to arrange an appointment.

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